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why oil cleansers are best for stubborn make-up

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skin health

Ever wonder why even after cleansing your skin at night, make-up still ends up on your pillowcase? It's because your skin actually isn't getting that clean. To help remove all make-up prior to bedtime, you actually need to start with an oil cleanser.

why cleanse with oil first?

As chemistry tells us, “like attracts like,” so cleansing with an oil-based formula first can deconstruct oil-soluble substances like make-up, environmental pollutants, excess sebum (oil), and residual product buildup for a deeper clean than your regular cleanser alone. We call this technique the Dermalogica Double Cleanse.

Using an oil cleanser before your regular cleanser helps to:

  • Gently dissolve and remove built-up residue and make-up
  • Smooth, calm and nourish skin without clogging pores.
  • Enable your regular cleanser and other skin care products to work more effectively.

After a long, full day in make-up, you'll want to make sure you get it all off before bed. Not only will you save your white pillowcases from stains, you'll help your nighttime moisturizers and serums better penetrate your skin overnight.

Not wearing make-up? You'll still need an oil cleanser to remove any SPF and daily pollutants.

When it comes to removing a full face of glamorous make-up, an oil cleanser is your best friend. It helps you avoid damaging your skin by scrubbing too hard. Oil-based cleansers like PreCleanse and PreCleanse Balm gently melt away environmental impurities, plus all of this:

  • mascara (even waterproof!)
  • heavy foundation
  • film leftover from physical sunscreen
  • lipstick and hard-to-remove lip stains
  • false eyelashes and eyelash extensions

what's the difference between our oil cleansers?

PreCleanse is a lightweight oil ideal for normal to oily skin, whereas PreCleanse Balm is a rich balm-to-oil, ideal for normal to dry skin. PreCleanse Balm also comes with a double-sided Cleansing Mitt for an added, gentle exfoliation.

Nobody wants a dirty pillowcase. The key to fully removing make-up and other impurities is to Double Cleanse, starting with an oil cleanser.